Bill Nye Saves the World! S1E1

Bill Nye (the science guy)  has started a new show exclusively on Netflix to save the world! Bill is still the same quirky guy I watched growing up. He has a crew of lab assistants with him, but you really only got to see one person in the first episode; Karlie Kloss. I’m unsure how the rest of the assistants will help in the future episodes.

There weren’t many science experiments in this first episode, but there was a LOT of talk about climate change. I think that was the point of the episode – to make Bill shut up about climate change! There’s also a special and short appearance by Zach Braff!

Check out the trailer below! I’m definitely going to be finishing this season.. along with a bunch of other tv shows I’m currently watching.

After this first episode, I am left wondering – how on earth do I help stop climate change?


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