Dark Matter by Blake Crouch



What can I really say about this book other than how awesome it was? Though I finished this book through Audible, I must admit, it was a very good listen. Those long 6 hour drives that happen monthly are just draining, but this book helped out quite a bit!

I like books that don’t have a slow start and this one does not. You follow in the footsteps of Jason Dessen, a professor at a small Chicago college. After walking home from a celebration at the bar, he gets kidnapped by… another version of himself!

This other version of him, eventually named Jason 2, is him from another world where he decided to pursue his career rather than starting a family. Jason 2 has advanced so far in his career and realized how lonely it was for him and decided to swap places with the original Jason.

Jason is trapped in a world where his wife and kid doesn’t know who he is and eventually realizes what has happened. He proceeds to fight and claw his way back to the world that is his own.


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