*spoilers below*

Stiletto (Audio Book via Audible)

Stiletto starts off just like The Rook – right in the action. You’re introduced to two new characters, Odette and Felicity, early on in the story. As the story progresses, the chapters switch back and forth between the two until eventually they are tied together. Odette is a Grafter and Felicity is a simple Pawn. Odette, just as all other Grafters has certain modificatons done to her body. Felicity was born with the power to learn of an inanimate item’s past by her touch.

The Chequy and the Grafters are in the middle of a merger that is pushed by Rook Thomas. Generations of children from both sides were raised to hate one another. The horror stories of the atrocities committed by the other party were told year after year. This leads to a lot of resentment and fear in the parties. A small group of young Grafters try to sabotage the talks through guerrilla warfare and scare tactics. They end up dead and the merger proceeds.

The ending does hint at a third book; what will happen to Odette and Prince third in line for the throne? Where is Gestalt hiding now? He has a few bodies growing for him. What about Chevalier Eckhart? I don’t think he was mentioned at all, yet he made a narrow escape in The Rook. Seeing that there’s a 4 year gap between The Rook and Stiletto, we might have to revisit this series further down the road.

This was my first audiobook through audible that I actually completed. The story kept my attention the whole time. I couldn’t stop listening!


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